YSEALI GenerationGR3EN

YSEALI GenerationGR3EN Workshop is a 4-day eco-entrepreneurship workshop held in Brunei Darussalam with a focus on eco-tourism. The workshop was held from 25-28 February 2017.

The Workshop was sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, and funded through a Cooperative Agreement from the U.S. Embassy in Brunei Darussalam to AGREA for the administration of the workshop and follow-on activities which have been planned through 2017.


The ASEAN region is home to four of the world’s 34 biodiversity hot spots that are characterized both by exceptional levels of plant and animal endemism. In the recent years, the ASEAN region has been undergoing dynamic transformation and modernization by a strong economic growth but driven by unsustainable practices which results to serious levels of biodiversity loss.

Therefore, with the economic growth must come the development of greener businesses in order to better sustain it.

Eco-tourism is just one opportunity that can be explored in the diverse field of eco-business. It can also serve as a platform for other opportunities in a broad range of business segments that can help drive community development by providing the alternate source of greater resilience livelihood to local communities.

Core Topics

Environment | Economy | Empowerment | Networks

Workshop Overview

  1. Online Discussion.Took place prior to the 4-day workshop, the GenGR3EN Online Discussion is a platform for delegates to ask questions, open up discussions and share key eco-entrepreneurship practices in their home countries. This is also a platform for delegates to acquaint themselves with each other.
  2. 4-Day Workshop. Held in Brunei, the workshop consisted of informational sessions that cover Green Business Components, immersion activities that give delegates first-hand exposure to the Bruneian environment, tourism and economy; and the opportunity for delegate teams to develop their own green business proposals for an ecotourism venture.
  3. CLIP or Continued Learning Immersion Program.This follow-on program took the training experience to a whole new level. It is packed with informational sessions, hands-on workshop activities, and tourism immersions all aligned with the objectives of GenerationGR3EN

Check out the highlights of the YSEALI GenerationGR3EN Workshop in the video below.


YSEALI TV for GenGR3EN Episode 1. Check out the activities on the first day of YSEALI GenerationGR3EN in Brunei Darussalam.

YSEALI TV for GenGR3EN Episode 2. In this episode you will learn more about the speakers and watch the amazing performances by the participants at the Cultural Night.

YSEALI TV for GenGR3EN Episode 3. Participants learn more about ecotourism and infrastructure, right in the heart of Brunei's rain forest.

YSEALI TV for GenGR3EN Episode 4. Participants What's the output of YSEALI GenerationGR3EN in Brunei Darussalam? Check out the answer in the 4th episode of YSEALI TV!

YSEALI TV for GenGR3EN Final Episode

YSEALI GenerationGR3EN has come full circle. Our Top 3 teams from the Workshop traveled all the way to the Philippines and experienced the YSEALI GenerationGR3EN Continued Learning Immersion Program (CLIP). This fifth and last episode of the YSEALITV for YSEALI GenGR3EN lets you hear from the speakers, and the delegates themselves, as they experience immersive learning opportunities all for the objective of creating real-life eco-business.

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Moving Forward

The GenerationGR3EN Workshop has finally come to a close, but the challenge to create sustainable green businesses in the ASEAN Region has just begun. We hope that GenerationGR3EN has given our delegates the resources they need to make their green ideas a reality.