AGREA Farm School Engagement Summary 2018

AGREA Farm School Engagement Summary 2018

16 Jul, 2019

BOAC, MARINDUQUE. The first of its caliber in the Province of Marinduque, the AGREA Farm School accumulated a total of 31,088 training hours in Organic Agriculture Production NCII in 2018. AGREA produced 134 graduates that year! The school also boasts a national competency certification passing rate of 99.25%.

98.51% of the scholar graduates are from Marinduque with majority of enrollees coming the municipalities of Boac, Torrijos, and Gasan.

More than half of the enrollees were females at 55.97%.

The school was a venue for providing experiential hands-on training in farming for students from all walks of life and educational attainment. Majority of the enrollees are college graduates; however a still bigger population (at 63.67%) come into the school with educational attainments ranging from elementary, high school, and college undergraduate levels.

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We thank our educational scholarship partners, TESDA Marinduque and the Office of Marinduque Representative Lord Allan Velasco, for their enduring support: all for agri-related technical-vocational competency and readiness of our local farming and fishing communities.

We also thank our supporters, friends, advocates, ambassadors, as well as all of our farm school students and alumni for believing that there is indeed a future in farming. Your unending support allow us to achieve this milestone.

ENROLL STILL GOING ON! Be a TESDA scholar at the AGREA Farm School. Experience hands-on farming training and be a nationally-certified organic agriculture farmer! Training includes 232 hours of Organic Agriculture Production training, assessment, and certification.


For more inquiries, visit the AGREA Farm School at the AGREA Farm Estate, Barangay Cawit, Boac, Marinduque. You may also call/text Sun Cellular 0933 824-6020, Globe 0917 888-6505, M-F Office hours 9AM-5PM and look for Miss Lorie Licop, or send an email to