AGREA Farm School maintains 100% Organic Agriculture Production passing rate

AGREA Farm School maintains 100% Organic Agriculture Production passing rate

22 May, 2018

All 34 examinees from the AGREA Farm School passed the Batch 2 and 3 of Organic Agriculture Production National Certification (OAP NCII) this May 2018. This qualifies all 34 of them as Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)-certified Organic Agriculture Farmers.

These achievers are qualified as competent Organic Agriculture Farmers; with specific competencies such as organic chicken raising, organic hogs raisers, organic vegetables farming, organic concoctions and extracts, and organic fertilizer production.

ASSESSING NEW ORGANIC FARMING EXPERTS: Mr. Keneth de Gracia of Costales Nature Farms supervised the NCII assessment at the AGREA Farm School

Mr. Keneth de Gracia, a TESDA-certified OAP NCII assessor and Farm Tourism Director of Costales Nature Farms, supervised the evaluation at the AGREA Farm School and Assessment Center in Boac, Marinduque.

Last year, AGREA Farm School also recorded a perfect passing rate in the said national assessment.

Like the farm school’s first batch of graduates, this new set of passers is composed of small-scale farmers, agriculturists by profession, Agriculture degree holders, technical vocational trainers, former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFWs), senior high school graduates, senior citizen, and community-based youths.

The graduation is attended by Cherrie Atilano, AGREA President and Founding Farmer, with Tony Stamford, Director Supply Chain Development of TAEL Partners, as commencement speaker.

“What you learned at the farm school is just the start, you must keep learning. And we encourage you to share what you learned with others,” said Tony Stamford.

TECH-VOC TRAINING: AGREA Farm School students are taught Organic Agriculture Production in both classroom and hands-on field settings.

Cherrie Atilano, during her closing remarks, said, “You are now members of the growing AGREA family. This is your home: you are always welcome here. And when you do, bring more people with you who, like you, are also ready and willing to work harder towards aOne-Island Economy.”

AGREA Farm School is the first TESDA-accredited farm school in Marinduque and certified by the Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Training Institute as an Organic Agriculture Learning Site.

YOUTH IN AGRICULTURE: Most of the AGREA Farm School scholars are young people who expressed great interest in organic agriculture and who are already planting seeds of hope in their own communities.

Organic Agriculture Production NCII qualification consists of competencies that a person must achieve to produce organic farm products such as chicken and vegetables, including the production of organic supplements such as fertilizers, concoctions and extracts, as well as raising organic hogs.

AGREA’s Organic Agriculture Production course is supported by the TESDA Marinduque Provincial Office under the Training for Work Scholarship Program.

To know more about the AGREA Farm School and how to become a TESDA scholar, click here.