AGREA, DA-ATI capacitates and strengthens rural-based organizations

AGREA, DA-ATI capacitates and strengthens rural-based organizations

05 Jul, 2018

BOAC, MARINDUQUE. AGREA continues to support the aims and objectives of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) in capacitating and strengthening rural-based organizations (RBOs) such as Japan Agricultural Exchange Council Alumni Association (JAECAAP) and International Farm Youth Exchange (IFYE).

Attended by RBO representatives from almost all regions in the country, a five-day organizational management strengthening program was conducted at the DMDC Farm in Boac, Marinduque on 25-29 June 2018.

ATI states, “The organizational management training activity in Marinduque aimed at strengthening the organizations as well as officers and members to fully sustain their organizations and continue with their role in helping shape and empower the youth to become partners in nation building.”

“The activity also allowed the organizations to convene and conceptualize plans and directions in attaining the organizations’ goals and objectives,” they added.

The training covered topics in Principles and Theories on Organization Management, Handling and Sustaining Organizations, Organizational Linkaging and Partnerships, and Workshop on Action Planning, among many others.

The showcase of the activities equipped the RBOs on the role they each play as an organization, and ultimately make ATI’s efforts of helping the farmers achieve economic benefits.

JAECAAP is an organization of 4H Club members who have successfully completed the Young Filipino Farmers’ Training Program in Japan (YFFTPJ). Members of this organization had the opportunity to be trained in Japan and promoted goodwill and friendship between Japan and Philippines, in partnership with the JAEC since1986.

IFYE, on the other hand, is a unique program adopted by Department of Agriculture in 1953 that bridges the gap between other nations, promotes strong linkage and partnerships among other countries such as Taiwan, Korea and even USA. IFYE alumni serve as an immediate extension arm and adult leader of a 4H club. They also assist in planning and implementation of the 4H programs and explore opportunities for 4H projects.

Farm Tourism and Agripreneurship
Part of the program was a lecture on Farm Tourism and Agripreneurship on 27 June 2018. AGREA’s Rapport and Communications Director, Rafael Seño, attended the said training as a resource speaker.

YOUTH IN AGRICULTURE. Rafael Seño (R), AGREA's Director of Rapport and Communications, shared insights about Farm Tourism and Agripreneurship during the Organizational Management Strengthening training in Boac, Marinduque. With him was Mafel Gonzales of the Partnerships and Accrediting Division of DA-ATI.

“AGREA is pleased to share our best practices as a local farm, as an agricultural entrepreneur, and as an organic agriculture learning site to our rural-based organizations present here today,” said Seño. “It is amazing to see and meet a huge RBOs representation from all regions of the Philippines.”

“Remember, all of you here, that we, agricultural workers and entrepreneurs, with able bodies and minds, still have so much work to do for our youth and for our local farming communities,” added Seño, who is also the Training and Assessment Center Director of the AGREA Farm School and Assessment Center.

The following day, the participants visited the AGREA Estate Farm and farm school in Brgy. Cawit, Boac, Marinduque.


AGREA and Rural-based Organizations in Marinduque
AGREA implements community-based and organization-based programs supported by training and workshops in order to achieve One-Island Economy in the Province of Marinduque.

The goal is to enable farmers by making them: (1) Grounded Farmers thru Values Formation, (2) Skilled Farmers thru Technical Training, and (3) Empowered Farmer thru Financial Literacy. Training and workshops under the Capacity Building Program is anchored to farming activities as the core activity of the beneficiaries.

“Whenever possible, AGREA involves our member farming communities in all stages of the goods value chain,”said Cherrie Atilano, AGREA President and Founding Farmer, in a statement.

“It is vital that we provide rural-based organizations with substantive organizational and practical management skills because these farmers are leaders too,”she added.

AGREA is currently working very closely with rice-farming communities, as well as coconut sugar- and organic spices-producing communities in Marinduque