AGREA wins at the first ASEAN Social Impact Awards

AGREA wins at the first ASEAN Social Impact Awards

22 Mar, 2018

AGREA has been recognized as one of the winners of the Inaugural ASEAN Social Impact Awards in Singapore. AGREA is one of the Top 3 winners among 160 applications from across the Southeast Asian Region.

This is the second recognition that AGREA has bagged within 24 hours. The first being the winner of the Women of the Future Awards South East Asia Social Entrepreneur Award 2018 for AGREA’s President and Founding Farmer, Cherrie De Erit Atilano.

The ASEAN Social Impact Awards recognizes the Marinduque-based company’s contribution in Filipino agriculture as an impactful social enterprise in the ASEAN region. The award also recognizes the contribution of Atilano as a visionary for creating the first One-Island Economy model in the world. The award comes with a cash prize to further AGREA’s work in the island-province of Marinduque.

"We at AGREA look forward to celebrating even more social innovations in the future", says Cherrie Atilano.

The ASEAN Social Impact Awards recognizes individuals, who have a strong drive and vision to resolve social issues and create positive social impact in their respective communities in ASEAN countries. It celebrates and highlights the power of social entrepreneurs and the positive transformational changes they can make to the communities they serve.

The ASEAN Social Impact Inaugural Award is a partnership with the National University of Singapore (NUS) Department of Social Work, ASIA Philanthropy Circle (APC) and Ashoka Singapore, and is supported by the Ee Peng Liang Memorial Foundation. The goal is to build communities of social innovators who work together to transform society and design new ways for communities to be more entrepreneurial, productive and connected. The ceremony convened philanthropists committed to collective action for community betterment in the ASEAN region.