Marinduque in a Bag

Marinduque in a Bag

25 Nov, 2017

Marinduque in a Bag is a curation of locally produced products that showcase Marinduque’s local flavour and craftsmanship.

Each item tells its own story that reflects Marinduqueños’ ingenuity from handicrafts to delightful artisanal food. All items are thoughtfully curated by identifying and mapping out communities that grow the ingredients and later on develop into artisanal products that are sure to delight everyone who will receive them.

Through this program, AGREA and the local communities help raise awareness on the endless possibilities of using local produce to create value-adding products that empower our local farming communities into being innovative and entrepreneurial. By supporting this program, we also help raise awareness on how supporting local helps in achieving sustainable and inclusive economies.

All items inside a Marinduque in a Bag make use of locally-grown materials and ingredients grown by local farmers. Each is locally produced by communities in the island.

The humble sweet potato is the main ingredient for these cookies. The root crop is organically grown in the island and is one of its major crops. These simple yet tasty cookies are full of nutritional fiber and packed with healthy vitamins and minerals.

Virgin Coconut Oil is described as the healthiest oil on Earth and is known to be free from trans fatty acids. Commonly referred to as VCO, this oil has various health benefits which is great for cooking, baking, as a food supplement, as well as for skin care.

This multicoloured festive rice is a combination of organic red, black and brown rice. Grown organically in Sta. Cruz and Buenavista by farmers trained in the System of Rice Intensification (or SRI) Technology. This is in line with AGREA’s vision to make the island rice sufficient and sustainable.

This crispy dilis (anchovies) is a healthy and delicious seafood product from the town of Mogpog. It has less oil and is packed with flavours! Great to be served in gatherings or just for a quick snack.

Kalamay Hati (local name for coconut jam) is synonymous to fiestas and holiday celebrations in the island province of Marinduque. It has been a family favourite dating back to generations. It is perfectly paired with hot pan-de-sal or suman.

These traditional tabléa are made from cocoa beans that are fermented, dried, roasted, ground and then moulded into balls. Cacao, the cocoa tree, is organically grown and harvested in the town of Sta. Cruz. It is a Filipino household favorite during breakfasts, snacks and basically any time of the day or night. Gather around family and friends over a hot or cold cup of cocoa!

Buri is a species of palm considered to be the largest in the world. In Marinduque, buri palm leaves are fully utilized for their ability to provide livelihood for communities. Your buri bag, where all the carefully curated Marinduque-produced food items are contained, is carefully woven and designed by women weavers in the town of Torrijos.