Project Happiness

Project Happiness

20 Mar, 2017

Happiness is one of the many human emotions that is always sought after. We wish for happiness as a sign of a good life but what does it really mean to be happy? Happiness can manifest in so many ways even in the simplest of things that often, we find hard to grasp.

Below, we narrowed some significant forms down to eight that can help us identify what truly makes a person happy. 20 March, Forever is the International Day of Happiness.

AGREA celebrates this day annually, actually everyday, forever. Read on and find out how the AGREA Team projects happiness everyday, forever.

At times, we may feel that we are stuck in a rut for a day, some for weeks, while others even months. Experiencing setbacks in life is only natural. We cannot choose what happens to us but we have a say on how we act towards those challenges.

Next time we feel down and frustrated, let’s hit our personal Pause Button and remember that we must also be kind to ourselves. Let’s give each other that chance to really look at the situation. Maybe it wasn’t so bad as we thought it was. Maybe it’s about time to dig our way up the rut to see the brighter side.

“Don’t be pushed by your problems; be led by your dreams.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

In today’s busy and multi-tasking world, it’s so easy to get caught up on extensive to-do lists – set endlessly chasing for something. Amidst all this madness, we need to recognize what really stirs up our souls: it may be in a form of an activity, a person, a belief or a material thing. Whatever it is, let’s start recognizing it and make sure that we prioritize it. After all, it’s never too soon to start putting things – those that actually matter to us – first.

Once we recognize what gives us joy, it’s up to us how we integrate them into our lives. We have a very limited 24-hours each day; think about how we will fill up those precious minutes.

Fill it up with things that contribute to our personal happiness level, too. For example, spending time with people who we care about and creating memories with them. A simple me-time is very important. It is up to us to whip up something good and fun despite a not-so-favourable day.

Many say that happiness is a conscious choice we make. We have the ability to make decisions which make us feel good, love life more and feel balanced. Choose those that really matter and have real meaning.

If this means we need to follow something, or someone, an advocacy, our heart, a childhood dream, a lifelong commitment - if we believe doing this will make us happy, choose it.

Once we take notice of what makes us happy, let’s not forget how to be grateful even of the littlest things. We value happiness when we become more mindful of ourselves and those surround us.

Learn to value and appreciate the present more, rather than focus on the what-if’s, the could-have-been’s, and the should-have-done’s. Value what we have. It is always better that way.

When we finally find happiness, do not be afraid to experience it completely. We sometimes hold back because we think that maybe it’s only temporary. “Walang forever,” (trans. Nothings lasts forever), we say. If it happened, then it did.

Embrace happiness while it happens. We’ll be surprised, who can say anyway, it will have lasted longer than we expected because we actually held it longer than we originally planned.

Happiness is contagious. From thinking good thoughts to connecting with people and caring for the people around us, we get to share our own bit of happiness for other people to experience as well. A bright smile for someone won’t hurt and it is guaranteed to make one feel good.

In fact, the moment we find out that we have the ability to make others happy even from a random act of kindness, makes us feel good about ourselves too.

As mentioned, happiness is contagious and to be able to feel its domino effect, it must start with us as an individual.

Happiness is vital in paving our way in reaching our goals in life. Therefore, happiness is all about understanding ourselves, embracing every flaw and continuing to work towards self-improvement. Once we are more in-tune with our inner-selves, the more we feel that we are in control of what we feel. There’s no denying that there will be rainy days, but as long as we consciously make an effort and recognize that no one or nothing can take our happiness away, we get to design our life in a way that can influence and benefit other people as well.

Ultimately, if ever we will not find happiness, then be happiness itself. The best gift we can give ourselves and those around us is to project happiness – in its truest and most genuine of forms. May we all be happy. And may we all be happiness for others, too.