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Nourishing the Nation, One Island at a Time

AGREA is an innovative, inclusive, for purpose, agri-business that is founded on sustainable agriculture, fair-trade, and replicable model of an agri-based economy.

We are in the most essential business – feeding people. Rich or poor, young or old: everyone needs to eat. Food is essen- tial to life on Earth. Hence, dignifying all the stakeholders in agricultural systems, more importantly the farmers is the core of our work. Many farmers create vibrant livelihoods out of food production, while others struggle to get ahead. AGREA is a small player but a quality player. We founded our business on Ecology of Dignity as agriculture is the only industry that takes care of all living things on earth: plants, animals and humans.

We are focused on making the Philippine archipelago to be agriculturally sustainable built on the One Island Economy model guided by three major goals: Zero Hunger, Zero Waste and Zero Insufficiency. We believe that Filipino Farmers are world-class. They are the point of change in the food system. We also continue nourishing every Filipino family. Investing in human capital through nutrition is considered a sustainable economic investment. Nutritious and safe food allows for healthy and productive lives. It’s as important as the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Healthy human capital is the backbone of our economy. Taking good care of our only planet is integrated in our business. Environmental impact is a key consideration in all our business operations. Our approach is transformational, we make sure every transaction made with AGREA from producing to bringing food to the consumers is contributing to impactful changes in every point of the supply chain.

Our Impact and Achievements

Shaping the Future of Agriculture

AGREA's journey is marked by groundbreaking initiatives, impactful programs, and a steadfast commitment to sustainable agriculture. Our achievements reflect our dedication to transforming the agricultural sector, empowering communities, and building a sustainable future for the Philippines.


Lives Impacted

Our initiatives have touched over 150,000 lives, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for sustainable agriculture practices.


Acres of Organic Farms

Our commitment to organic farming has led to the development of over 50,000 acres of land, cultivated without harmful chemicals.


Educational Programs

We've conducted over 200 educational programs, empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to drive agricultural innovation.


Community Partnerships

Through over 300 partnerships, we've collaborated with communities to implement sustainable agricultural practices and enhance local livelihoods.


Our Vision

One Island Economy: A Vision for the Future

Creating a Sustainable Archipelago

Our vision is to create the first One Island Economy in the Philippines. This means building a sustainable, resilient, and inclusive agricultural system that benefits everyone, from the farmers who cultivate the land to the consumers who enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Our Mission

Alleviating Poverty and Hunger

Empowering Farming and Fishing Communities"

Our mission is to alleviate poverty and hunger in farming and fishing communities. We believe that by investing in these communities, we can create a ripple effect of positive change that extends throughout the entire country.

technology literate farmer

Our Goals

Zero Waste, Zero Hunger, Zero Insufficiency

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our goals are ambitious, but we believe they are achievable. We are committed to creating a future where waste is eliminated, hunger is eradicated, and every community has what it needs to thrive.

Youth in Agriculture.JPG

Our Journey So Far

From Humble Beginnings to Nationwide Impact

Operating since November 2014 in a patch of land in the Island Province of Marinduque, AGREA is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in June 26, 2015. In the years that followed, AGREA went on to become successfully accredited by various Philippine government agencies.

In 2016, the Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Training (DA-ATI) accredited AGREA Farm Estate in Marinduque as a Learning Site for Agriculture for its diversified integrated farming system. In 2017, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) also certified AGREA Estate Farm as a farm school and an assessment center for agri- cultural technical vocation skills development. The following year, the Department of Tourism (DOT) recognized AGREA as an agri-tourism farm site.

Island Economies

Our Blueprint for Success

Building Sustainable Communities Across the Philippines

Our Island Economies model represents our current and upcoming projects, as well as potential areas for development. This model is our blueprint for creating sustainable, resilient communities across the Philippines.

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