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Marinduque Women Partner-Farmers

Learn more about what it means to be a farmer and a mother at the same time to Tita Melissa Frias, one of our women partner-farmers in Marinduque through this video. 📽️

Say hello to our smallholder farmer, Melissa Frias. She has been working with AGREA since 2020. 🌺

As part of the farmer and fisherfolk month, and the upcoming mother’s day, we want to highlight the inspiring story of Tita Melissa. She is a hardworking farmer and a mother to her children and just like all the resilient mothers out there, she will do her best to provide the needs of her family but they also need extensive support to achieve their best potential in agriculture. 🌾

Research shows that empowering women in agriculture as decision-makers drives equitable economic growth, injects more cash into rural economies, and increases investments in solutions and services that help communities thrive. 🌱

Women in agriculture is one of the AGREA’s Core Programs. The program enables women to be the center of moving agriculture, urban, and rural development forward. We believe that investing in women is an investment for the whole community. This series is also part of the mother’s day celebration. 🧑‍🌾

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