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About Us

Ecology of Dignity

Discover who we are and what we stand for.

Our primary focus is on a crucial industry: providing nourishment to people. Regardless of wealth, age, or social status, everyone requires food for survival. Recognizing the significance of agriculture and its stakeholders, particularly farmers, is at the heart of our mission. While some farmers thrive and establish prosperous livelihoods through food production, others face difficulties. AGREA may be a smaller entity, but it excels in delivering quality.

Our organization is built upon the principle of upholding the dignity of all involved in agricultural systems. We believe that agriculture, being the sole industry that cares for the well-being of plants, animals, and humans, is deserving of reverence.

We believe Filipino Farmers are exceptional and can drive change in the food system. We also prioritize nourishing every Filipino family. Investing in nutrition is a sustainable economic investment, as it enables healthy and productive lives, just like clean air and water.


Our Three Major Goals

Empowering Farmers,
Nourishing Communities.

We are guided by three major goals that shape our work and drive our commitment to sustainable agriculture and community empowerment. These goals at AGREA Business is to empower farmers, nourish communities, and foster innovation in the agricultural sector.


We're committed to creating a future where everyone has access to nutritious, locally-grown food.reflect our vision for a resilient food system and a prosperous future for all.

shaking-hands-young-asian-farmer-in-celery-and-gr-2023-06-23-04-17-36-utc copy.png
Pioneering the One Island Economy Model by 2035

We're on a mission to establish the first One Island Economy model in the Philippines by 2035, creating a self-sufficient, sustainable, and resilient agricultural ecosystem that can serve as a blueprint for other regions.

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Eradicating Poverty and Hunger in Farming Communities

Our goal is to uplift farming and fishing communities by providing them with the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to overcome poverty and hunger. We believe in empowering these communities to thrive.

Achieving Zero Waste, Zero Hunger, and Zero Insufficiency

We're committed to creating a future where waste, hunger, and insufficiency are things of the past. Through sustainable practices and innovative solutions, we aim to build a world where resources are used efficiently, everyone has enough to eat, and all needs are met.

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Internship Opportunities

Kickstart your career in sustainable agriculture.

Looking for a meaningful internship experience? Join the AGREA Business team and gain hands-on experience in sustainable agriculture. We offer a range of opportunities for passionate individuals looking to make a difference.


Our Projects

Making a Difference in Agriculture

Explore our initiatives in sustainable farming.

At AGREA Business, our projects are designed to make a tangible impact in the agricultural sector. From workforce nutrition to The Fruit Stand, each initiative is a step towards a more sustainable and inclusive agricultural landscape.


Real Stories,
Real Impact

Discover the transformative impact of Agrea Business through the words of our partners, beneficiaries, and community members. Their stories are a testament to our commitment to sustainable agriculture and community development.

Smiling Woman

"Agrea's organic farming methods are a game-changer. My family and I can truly taste the difference in their produce. A healthier choice for us and the planet!"

Mia R.

Straight Hair Model

"My daughter's school partnered with Agrea's Elementary School Garden Development. Watching her excitement as she tends to her plants has been such a joy!"

Linda K.


"The Agrea Farm School opened my eyes to sustainable agriculture. The hands-on training is invaluable, and I've applied so much of what I learned to my own farm."

Carlos D.

Headshot of Mid Adult Man

"Attending Agrea's Youth Leadership event was inspiring. It's refreshing to see a company so invested in empowering the next generation of agricultural leaders."

Raj S.




Farm School

Learn, Grow, and Innovate

Education for the next generation of agricultural leaders.

At our Farm School, we're cultivating the next generation of agricultural leaders. We offer a range of courses designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to drive innovation in the agricultural sector.

Latest News & Updates

Stay Informed with Agrea Business

Our Updates section is your go-to source for all things Agrea Business. From our latest projects to new partnerships, we keep you informed about our journey towards creating a sustainable and resilient agricultural economy. Stay updated and be part of our mission to transform the agriculture sector in the Philippines.

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